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Originally Posted by Bob Russell View Post
A few years ago, I saw a dog-powered butter churn that was actually used years back in northern PA. It was basically a treadmill, but for a dog to generate the mechanical motion and churn the butter. I kid you not!

I'd have to imagine that a solar powered reader would make the most sense. I haven't kept up with current calculators, but have the solar powered ones caught on, or have they gone the way of the dinosaurs? If they don't work for calculators, I don't see them popular for e-readers.
I once had a small white dog that could do a standing jump from the floor onto the kitchen table. I found out why she did this when I came home unexpectedly. She liked to lick the butter dish!

I see solar calculators all the time. One could devise an add-on charger to plug into the charger jack on the reader.

Originally Posted by nekokami View Post
I think the solar power idea makes the most sense, as people need light to read, but I'm very intrigued by the yap-triggered ultrasonic squeaker. Where can I get one???
Originally Posted by slayda View Post
Hey mogui, can I get the plans for that ultrasonic yelper?
If I were to build one, which I won't because I have no tools here, I would start with a 555 timer for the ultrasonic generator. There is a good circuit here. It uses a piezo buzzer at 82 db. I would try that first, just using it manually close to where the dog is. If it startles him into silence, fine. If not, you can run the output through a mono amp, which is available cheaply as a kit. Select your tweeters by specification, as they need to be heavy duty.

BTW I like this site for circuits.

The basic problem with the switch is to select one that has a momentary action. Most designs are of the clap-on clap-off variety. here is one that can be adapted easily, I think. It is tunable for frequency. In fact this circuit could do the whole job if you fiddle with the frequency of the final stage.

Let us know if you build one.
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