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Originally Posted by ardeegee View Post
That reminds me-- last night I learned the origin of the term "sock puppet" (I wasn't aware of it before:
re ardeegee's posts above:

NOTE: this news was about a very important news story, that has NOT been very well reported worldwide yet, that PVI has changed its name to E Ink. Why no discussion of that? That's what this post was for. But no, darren has to hijack it once again and go off on his kill bill diatribe again. I am beginning to think he might be my long lost brother!

It's like a game of chess, isn't it? And darren so much wants to win! for a man who admits (here on MR) he has never read much American literature, novels, poems, plays, essays -- and doesn't know most well-known writers and thinkers in the USA -- and pans top writers like Nicholas Carr and William Powers for their balanced tech vs unplugged books -- and says things like 20 years from now nobody will ever know who Nick Carr was! -- egads! -- and admits he is not much of a real ''reader'' in the first place, and that's okay, not everyone has to be a bookish person in my book, the truth does not lie only in books and there's lots to learn and know outside of the book world for sure, and the tech world is a very good place to build a homestead, sure, why don't you just move on with the things you do like in life instead of obsessing with this sockpuppet nonsense? You seem to have taken it as a personal mission to damp down the noise of people on this board you don't like, for vulgar reasons of your own. So strange. You are. But given that you are so obsessed, I beg your leave. It boggles the mind that someone would spend so much time worrying about nothingness.
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