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Originally Posted by shinta86 View Post
Most of my books are in epub and when I transfer them to the nook the title and author doesn't transfer on alll my books. It does on some but not others.
Same here. And not just epub's, but pdf's also. All metadata is fine in the calibre library on my computer, and when I mount my Nook, most of my books (both on the nook, and in the flash card) is also fine, but not all. I've tried converting from/to pdf and epub. Besides, the conversion not being perfect, it didn't fix the metadata issue.

I just took my Nook apart to look into the internal memory, but near as I can tell, the metadata, etc. is all kept in an sqlite database. It's bedtime, so I haven't got time to mess with it. Maybe later. If someone else has an idea, I'd love to hear it.
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