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Two cover .mobi file

Well this is just the nexus of the mobile format universe isn't it
so same question as with .epub

Two cover .mobi file

I am trying to create a two cover .mobi file
this is of course much easier but i have yet to achieve the quality i would like
i have created multiple types of two cover files

one by dragging and dropping a single .jpg image into my document.doc before create a standard .mobi with imported cover. this creates the two cover image but one cover is fulls size the second slightly smaller and both scale differently giving it a unpolished look with the text creeping into the second photos page when scaled.

the second by dragging and dropping two images in the .doc, building the .mobi which gives me two identical images that scale the same but both are smaller than normal looking. again having a less than perfect look to them.

what i would like is a .mobi file with two full size, equally scaling cover photos representing page 1 and page 2 of the file, preferably without the creeping text scaling in

help me mobi wan, your my only hope

win xp. mobi 4.2 build 41, kindle pc, using .doc's and .jpgs
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