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Are you sure it always asks for a network? If there is already a network connected doesn't it just use that? Seems like it should and that's what I see - if you connect 1st using the browser and then with the network icon in the tray use the Bookland app it just goes straight to downloading without any opening connection window. Howver it then produces a failure message which is inexplicable.

Under what circumstances does it offer you the network selection menu instead of immediately opening your preferred network connection? Seems sometimes it does 1 method and other occasions does the other.

I reinstalled the 15.2 image it passed all checks and completed, problem is still the same. I don't believe my image is corrupted, more likely there's some data/config specific to Bookland thats set to a wrong value on my 302

Where can I find an older image to try that?

Also how do you clear out date on this device, for example how do I remove wireless configuration settings - there doesn't seem to be a delete option?
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