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Question umm Calibre -- which number should I use?

I guess I missed the boat.

I downloaded Calibre 7.2 when I got my Sony (about three weeks ago).

Three days ago I downloaded 7.4. Yesterday I downloaded 7.5

Now, I see something about another one, and another one on the way? I must have missed six somewhere.

So, I have around 30 books I saved to desktop to download. Do I wait for the 7.8 to come out (when will that be) or just go ahead and download the books.
Is there a bug (not the virus type) in the 7.5 that got lose and needs to be caught or what.

I gather that the guy who created Calibre is a complete total GENIUS, but everyone has an off day or two. So, I am assuming (and probably making an ass out of myself) that is what is going on.

Anyhow, do I download my books or just wait a couple of days?

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