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I reran another another trace on Bookland access, this time it asked me to select my preferred network after I did it then showed me the "opening connection" dialog and then subsequently failed. This time it sent out no network messages at all - not event a DHCP discovery and request message!!

So Question 1: why is the Bookland app behaviour inconsistent (asking for a network or simply taking the preferred network choice when in both cases there is not netowrk connection and some establishment is required?

Question 2: why in both of the inconsistent behaviour cases mentioned does it not send out either DHCP messages and/or an ARP request whilst the browser applications are able to do this correctly

I think there are other Wifi networking inconsistencies but these 2 are the most pressing ones to resolve in getting the Bookland application working properly

Does the 302 have any data that can be checked for internal state? Is it posible to get root access and check stuff out?
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