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Anybody else experiencing issues since 1.4?

I am not sure 1.4 is to blame, but my three week old nook started having issues this past weekend. I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced these.

First, on Friday, after not using the nook for a couple days, the nook was locked up tight. It was frozen on the screensaver. The power button had no effect. I charged it overnight via USB - no change. I followed the troubleshooting at B&N nook support - holding the power button for 20+ seconds had no effect. I removed the battery - no change. So, I used the AC adapter for 2+ hours - after that the nook recovered.

Second, on Saturday, while navigating the touch screen, the nook crashed and had a hard reset (went through the complete power up sequence).

Third, last night, I was reading the nook and left it on my desk to let the screensaver kick in. When I awoke this morning (8+ hours later), the nook had not entered screensaver mode. It still showing the last page I had read last night.

The nook has always been handled carefully. It has not been dropped or banged around. The only change that has occurred is upgrading to 1.4 the previous weekend. Not sure if this is the root cause or whether my nook has hardware issues.
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