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First off, thank you for all of the work! Every step forward has been great!

In fact so great, that I decided to delete what I had done manually and start fresh by importing everything again onto my iPad. I have gotten all of the ebooks deleted out of iTunes and off the device (the only one remaining on my iPad is Pooh). I have then connected the device and it when it is detected by calibre, it is showing as books on the device all of the audiobooks installed. I have both digital and audio copies of many of my books; some of which have the same name and author, others have part numbers or series included in the title. The ones that are the same, appear with the "on device" or "in library" box checked. This doesn't seem right and concerns me. I am not sure whether this has been the case before the latest version or not as I installed 0.7.5 this morning. And likely wouldn't have noticed a few audiobooks in the midst of hundreds of ebooks.

I am also having difficulty in sending books to the device, but am going through it again step by step to see if I have something set wrong or made a mistake.
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