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Quick review on M002 by Eken and a APAD spoof with 256mb ram from

Hi all.
Here are my quick reviews on 2 tablets that started selling in the market last week.

One is the m002- from eken and the other is a apad spoof with a 256mb ram .

First the apad spoof.
- It looks like the 7 inch apad/rs-pad/irobot/iweb with the rockchip2808 call it what ever but this one is a direct copy.
- However the manufacturer is pinning his hopes on 256mb ram and a Ethernet connection
- The cpu is Via Arm 8505 with a 533Mhz clock speed
- The outer shell construction is very rough and one can make out the rough edges and out of center plugs etc.
- Its got a integrated camera, but its not even close to what I expected.
- The USB and Ethernet adaptor is of poor construction.

This model is selling on eBay like nuts- from the looks of it and people are picking it up because it says 256mb ram/Ethernet/camera Ė and for a price at usd 150 who wouldnít get carried away.
BTY- the sellers will never show you the actual product photos.

My supplier wanted me to sell it but them, I rejected. If I am not confident of the product myself I cannot sell it , thatís the plain truth.
Yes people will go for cheap products, yes it got 256mb Ram...but bottom line is itís a VIA ARM 8505 533Mhz, slow speed, poor construction.. And unstable quality.
Not worth the trouble for me or my buyers.

Bottom line is
If you are looking for a reasonable tablet then the one I sell and recommend (this is not a sales add) is the one with rockchip 2808 1.2ghz - its stable and worth the price of under usd 175
It wonít burn a hole in your pocket but at least you know you bought a product that works.

Notes: There is a 2.1 version coming out in the next month or so and will be priced around usd 225. I have seen it and its still under testing. If ever it gets rolled out I will be the first one to get it and first to sell it guaranteed.

A lot of people ask me questions like
- Can I connect my 500 gb HD to This Tablet.
- Can I use it for my office work- excel, presentations etc.
- Skype chat doesnít work

I think people are asking too much out of these machines.
If they want the tablets to do all that work, then they need to pay extra.
But the truth is every one likes it cheap and accepts it to do every thing imaginable... and then raise a dispute because it didnít turn out their way.
Sadly the market is like this, and thatís why people like me are still struggling to sell quality products, because no one wants quality.

Quick review on the m002.
- The m002 from eken is a new casing and better quality and design to the m001
- The major difference is the Apad copy casing
- It has a Micro SD card slot instead of the SD card
- Better English guide and better packing- its looks good.
- Priced a little higher than the m001 but thatís justified.

I picked up 100 pcs of the m002 for my customers because itís a good product.
Bottom line.
1) if you want to spend a little more like USD 175 then go for the apad with the rockchip 2808 1.2 ghz
2) if you need a bargain and reasonable working quality then the m002 is a awesome choice.

If you have questions please ask.
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