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Pac-Man catched my iLiad.
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XBoard with GNU Chess & Phalanx

[EDIT 2007/11/14] new version XBoard 4.2.7 iLiad 0.2 is out.
The most important new feature is: engine Phalanx with adjustable strength.
I have attached a screenshot showing that I checkmated Phalanx [easy level 100] in 13 moves. Phalanx with low strength plays real blunders [bad moves w/o progress], so beginners have a chance to win a match.
[EDIT 2007/11/08] Please wait for the new version. It should be out in a short period of time. I'm an inveterate optimist.
Please read post #15:
# Features of coming version are described there
# Why the menu was working all the time, but nobody said something.
[EDIT 2007/09/22] I have tweaked the starting shell script of Xboard/GNU Chess a bit.
Please replace the new with the old one, you can find it here on your memory card:
The new patches the following:
# autosaving of all your games in "_local/home/iLiad.pgn" on memory card
# no more path entering needed in load/save dialog, just type for example iLiad.pgn or 2.pgn
# highlighting of last move

Originally Posted by older version of post #1
design256 has ported GNU Chess ages ago. I have played it all the time. Thx, design256.

Well, my port doesn't solve the non-working menu, but we can now play the black side of world & use XBoard as a pgn-viewer. Colours of chess board were corrected, bad ghosting of old port is gone.[1]

[EDIT]: [1] "bad ghosting of old port is gone." Well, this could have been said by a PR-Manager.
I have set:
-animateDragging false -animateMoving false
dmDisplay(dmCmdPriorUrgent, dmQFull);
are needed to get rid of ghosting.
[EDIT II]: Yep, design256 added some
dmDisplay(dmCmdPriorUrgent, dmQTyping);
in src.

Right now my port lives w/o
#include <liberdm/erdm.h>
#include <liberipc/eripcbusyd.h>
#include <liberipc/eripc.h>
I will change this.

[EDIT III]: Uhh, I found in design256's src how he got the chess board to the middle of the srceen. Right now it lies next to the left.
src can you find here.
very OT. Yes, i have now a ftp account to upload files to MR.

explanation of screenshots:
#1 XBoard iLiad 0.1
#2 XBoard iLiad 0.1 with modded starting shell script. Dou you see the clock in/at/on* the top right corner & mouse cursor?
*=non-native Englisch speaker
#3 XBoard iLiad 0.2 with checkmated Phalanx [new screenshot]

[Readme pdf file is included in zip file.]
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