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ok, sorry to be a pain but ... I just got a Kobo a few days ago and love it but a, really confused about this font issue. I have been looking for ways to fix it but all the solutions i can find talk about editing .css ... I am aware of what a CSS is but I have no idea how to edit them in my ebooks. The books I am trying to use right now happen to be .lit files. I have Calibre and I like it so far as transferring books to my Kobo but I don't understand a single thing in the editing options. I even tried just copy/pasting the .css alteration found in Sensualpoet's post but it did nothing...what am I doing wrong? Seriously, speak to me like I am 5, because I am just not gettting this. Thanks for any help.

PS. I understand Kobo is supposed to be working on a fix for this but there are a bunch of books in my library I really want to read sooner than later, I am sure you all understand that feeling, thanks again
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