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i have been attempting to use the pickle module and have come to the conclusion that while i am calling it correctly the dynamic.pickle file itself is causing python to search for the module calibre.utils.config . from what i am able to figure out, in the very beginning of the dynamic.pickle file is the name of the module and defined class that was used to create the pickle file. in this case that is calibre.utils.config.DynamicConfig .
to be able to use python to unpickle the pickle file i need to create a 'package' of the necessary python code from calibre and install it in the python sys.path so that python is able to find the module 'calibre.util.config' which will be used to unpickle the dynamic.pickle file. python appears to have the idea that the module and class that wrote the pickle file should be used to unpickle the pickle file.

the alternative of using python would be to use perl or straight c programming to unpickle the dynamic.pickle file. the disadvantage of doing so is not knowing what the structure of the dynamic.pickle file is. i am then back to hit-n-miss.

the upside is that after years of avoiding it i am learning python.
i am learning why not to use 'canned' routines to save configuration information.

anyway, i will keeping plodding forward.
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