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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
Regardless of your personal feelings towards a person, posts like this are completely inappropriate here, as clearly specified in our guidelines. If you are unable to remain polite, it is better to refrain from posting anything.

Please edit your post to remove the personal attacks and avoid them in future.

Thank you.

[The Moderation Team]
But Harry T, it's funny, if his post was inappropriate and he took it down, it looks like he did, why leave your post up that still mocks that guy and for all we know this is just a he said she said thing, they both might be jerks. Hehe. Wouldn't it be the thing now to take down your post Harry T that still besmirches the reputation of ardeegee and that other clown? I am all for civility here, too. Good take down, sir, but now to be really cool, you should remove the incriminating post you quoted, no? What's wrong with those two guys, anyways?
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