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I have 3 pages of collections...

* one for each author that I have more than one book for (the one hit wonders go in a "general" collection)... and even then, the books inside them are sometimes prefixed if there are different series done by the same author (SS 01 Ice Station, SS 02 Area 7, JW 01 Seven Ancient Wonders, JW 02 Six Sacred Stones... for books by Matthew Reilly... to discern between his Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield novels, and the Jack West Jr novels and so on)

my other collections include...

. Transport Timetables .
. General .
. z Unsorted . (the "z" so that when in alphabetical order (thanks to the ".") any folders like Unsorted are always at the end)

Notice the [period](space)collection name(space)[period] format?
I've done that so that I can have them in alphabetical order and at the front in sort by title view, and the extra at the end is so that the titles look neater when the collection is open... started a thread on these sorts of ideas here
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