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Hey, this is DanBloom speaking here, and I want to explain the very first post, above, and why I used the taglines ID. As some of you remember, a certain Darren Garrsion, who often posts on MobileRead under the ardeegee ID, never was happy to allow me to say my say in peace, last year, maybe two years ago, and everytime I posted, he would immediately chime in with off message notes, like he did here as well, above, about Mandelaland and Snailpapers and other things, that were totally irrelvant to my posts, so I had to take the measure of not using danbloom anymore as my userid here, and I let the mods know, and they know, and I started posting anew under the taglines ID.

I think everyone here knows taglines is me. It was never my intention to pose as a sockpuppet or a troll, above first post, and pretend it wasn't me, as Darren once again accuses me of doing, and again bringing in totally irrelevant links to my other blogs online about other subjects. I have no idea who Darren Garrison is, and whether he is a good person or a bad person, I have never met him and he refuses to answer my polite emails to him, so I can only give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he a good man who means well, even though he seems a bit misguided with some weird emotional EQ deficiency that turns him into a guided missile, or maybe I should say misguided missile, every time he sees a post of mine. I hope his friends here will keep him honest.

That said, I was not lying or trolling or sockpuppeting with the YouTube post. I assumed for sure that Darren knew it was me, and everyone else here, and the very YouTube link itself immediately ID's the video as by me, Dan Bloom, so why would I be trolling or lying or sockpuppeting? But just to clear up, in case there is still any confusion, taglines was the userid of DanBloom, but I will start using my original ID here so there won't be anymore confusion.

That said, thanks everyone, for your comments pro and con. I need to make this very clear, and I hope Darren Garrison is reading this too: I am not anti-Ereaders, and I am not anti-screen-reading and I am not anti-computers or anti the Digital Age. My god, darren, I use computers everyday, i read on screens off screens every day, I love this digital revolution. In fact, I just wrote a long 4-page magazine piece on Prime View International Co. and its E INK acquisition from Boston, completely pro-PVI and pro E INK and pro Ereaders. I will post the link here when it is available online (it's still only in the print magazine, but will go online July 1)

I only wonder, from time to time, about the different modes of reading, on paper and on screens, and how they are different, if they are different, and what all this might mean for the future. Most comments above have been good, both pro and con, and that is why I am posting here, I like the feedback pro and con. When you disagree with me, I don't mind. When a few of you agree with me, and say, yeh, you know, maybe screen-reading IS very different from paper reading, not better or worse, just different and let's find out more about all this.

Obviously, Darren Garrison (if indeed that is his real name) ..obviously Darren and I don't see eye to eye on some things. But that's okay. But he and the mods and the commentariat here should know that I am not anti-computer or anti-Ereader or anti-iPad or anti-screening. I am online 24/7/365.

But if one cannot post comments here that go against the Holy Bible of Darren Garrison -- and I didn't know this MRead sitewas Darren Garrison's private fiefdom but I guess it is -- then this forum should rename itself, not MobileRead. SMILE.

So to sum up, friend Darren: it was me as taglines, you knew that, this is me, I hope you know that, and in the future I will post only as danbloom here. I wish you could have the guts to post with your real name, too, but for obvious reasons you prefer to stay in the shadows as ''ardeegee''. That's your choice.

Anyways, I enjoyed all the posts above, and thanks. Mods, if you are reading this, now you know....the rest of the story, and the pre-story and the current story. Thanks.


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