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jflatto began at the beginning.
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Thanks again for all the help.

Let me go to the next level. I want to rename and re-organize my books in an efficient manner. Suppose I start off with an empty Calibre database. I then import my David Edding books. I might have 20 actual different books but 270 files as I have the same book in multiple formats (pdf, lit, doc, etc.). I also will have the same book but with slightly different metadata. Based on the helpful tips you have provided, I know how to consolidate these books down so I merge the different metadata files into the same actual book.

I now want to repeat the process with David Webber books. However, to make my consolidation process easier, I want to remove the David Edding's books from Calibre first so Calibre only has a single actual author at any one time. Thus I want to move the consolidated David Eddings underlying files out of Calibre's folder into a temporary storage folder while I work on the other books in Calibre. I want to repeat this process for all of my authors so I only have a single author at one time in Calibre until I have cleaned up all my books. Then I will put them all back in Calibre. Is there a "good" way to do this from inside of Calibre? I realize I can physically move folders around on my computer and delete db files but would prefer to work with Calibre rather than trying to "game" the software.

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