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Hi to everyone and I apologise now for all the questions I'm about to ask!
I live in the UK and have narrowed down my choice of an ereader to a Sony 505 or 300. I have Windows 7. I will only be reading novels.

1) some of the books I want to download are in HTML format, is this compatible with Sony

2) What software do I install - the Sony software that comes with the reader, Calibre or Adobe DE?

3) Am I correct in thinking that anything in ePUB format (with or without DRM) is OK for the Sony?

4) I have read somewhere that PDF format isnt too good, is it possible to change the format to something else?

5) Also I want to store my ebooks for any future reader I buy (due to breakages etc). Is it possible to store them in such a way that the format can be changed to suit any future reader or will I always have to buy Sony. I was thinking of doing this by putting them on an external hardrive.

Thats all for now, although I'm sure I'll think of some more!

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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