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Editing author and title meta data

I just finished importing a large batch of "raw" ebooks into Calibre 0.7.4 (running on Windows 7).

After import, I noticed that in many cases that the author and title fields were "flipped". Is there any method to "bulk" flip these two fields? While I will still need to do a bunch of meta editing after that, this would cut down on the effort.

Additionally, for a number of the books, I had copies of the same book in both ".pdf" as well as ".lit" formats. I manually deleted the ".lit" version and just imported the ".pdf" format. Would I have been better off keeping the ".lit" version and deleting the ".pdf" formatted versions of the books before my initial import into Calibre?

Alternately, is there any software that I could use to edit the metadata of the ebooks before importing into Calibre. (Yes, I know Calibre can edit metadata individually, just trying to see alternative approaches that might be easier.)


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