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for the sake of argument...

...let's say you have had your Kindle for over a year and NEVER turned on whispernet and your Kindle is at an old firmware.

Why does Amazon not have the old .bin files available for download?

does anyone know what the inclusive updates are (if any) and where I could download old bin files for the US version of the K2, I found plently of K2i files but not US wireless, anyone know where I could grab the 2.3 series of .bin files specifically??

I had a 2.3.3 but can not find it, I just want to upgrade to 2.5 and be done, unless a future update can make my bed, I will NEVER deal with Amazon support again if I can complete the upgrade to 2.5 finally.

In closing, does anyone have links to K2 US old bin files? thank you.
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