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I'm not sure, but that doesn't sound quite right HarryT.

It'd be more accurate to say the Sony is nearly always in a suspend mode. It only fires up the processor and brings the ram out of low power refresh when you ask it to turn a page, but then it goes back into suspend. That's why it'll last a month on a single change. However the Sony doesn't have an off switch (or so it would seem) or suspend-to-disk. The iliad though, only has an off switch and no suspend modes (neither STR or STD), so it must reload the OS into ram each time it's started.

If the Sony didn't suspend-to-ram between page turns, it's battery life would be comparable to the Iliad (maybe 4-5 times longer, but still).

Since the Cybook is basically the same hardware as the Sony, I suspect it'll suspend-to-ram between page turns, but I doubt it will suspend-to-disk. An proper off button would be nice though.

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