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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
People do unfortunately break them on rare occasions, but treat them with a reasonable degree of respect (the way yo'd treat a laptop, say) and they are pretty robust; the number of breakages is tiny compared to the number in use. Yes, the idea of screens with a flexible substrate is that they are less fragile, but until they actually appear, nobody knows how significant a factor this will be.

Is there any particular reason you're waiting before buying? What facilities do you think will exist in three months that aren't there now? You can do a lot of reading in three months!
I see, I thought there were already some readers using flexible screens.
When you read about people breaking their device it sometimes sounds like it's almost inevitable unless you treat it like a raw egg.
How often have I dropped my mobile, it just happens eventually.
And survives .
That's why the PB 360 might be interesting for me, seems a little more forgiving than others and as an article of every day use it should be solid imo.

I am considering to wait because I figure when in some more months the new Pocketbooks come out, I will either see if 601 is for me, or maybe then go for a 360 or 301 which I hope might be dropping in price a little when the new models are in the shelves.

Also, right now, I just can't decide which device to buy.
I understand that everything is a compromise more or less.
But i'm caught up a little.
I like the PB 360 but 5" could be too small for me.
Also it kind of bugs me to buy a 5" device for the same price I could get a 6" device like the 301.
I drew the 5" size and the 6" on one paper and a part of me said wow that's a significant difference, the 6" looks way bigger.
Another part of me said that maybe the advantages of the 360 are worth the reduced size.
Since I am still considering the PB 360 note that I do somewhat appreciate the benefits it has.
If it was 6" I had already bought it right away because of the rugged factor and the dictionary and the pdf abilties.
Oh, and of course there's the Opus, which with all the differences to the PB will have to be compared to it- and it's way cheaper.
Yet opinions on the Opus have been a little more mixed than on the PB 360.
In concern of the firmware, pdf support, buttons...

So there you go, for one I think new devices may cause a price drop for recent ereaders and also I cant decide really yet.
The more research I do the more device get in to the "maybe"- list.
For example I stumbled upon the new version of the Cybook G3 with the V3+.
Yet, I dunno how much difference it will make for me to have 16 greyscales opposed to 4 (that's the scales for images I asume?).
I think same update goes for the Beebook One.
So they are both kind of superior to the 301 at roughly the same price.
Ah, it's complicated or at least that's how I feel it is .

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