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Calibre crashes on Mac when fetching annotations

I am running Mac OSX at the highest level, fully patched. Calibre is also at the highest level. My Kindle 2 is at level 2.5.2. (Though I have been seeing the problem at lower levels of both Calibre and the Kindle.) I have about 1300 books in my Calibre library.

When I bring up Calibre, connect my Kindle, and select Fetch Annotations, Calibre runs for a long while before completing the request and doesn't actually accomplish anything as far as I can tell.

If, however, I do a search that selects just a few books and then again select Fetch Annotations, it does fetch the annotations for at least some of the books before crashing.

If I do a search that displays just one book and then select Fetch Annotations, it reliably fetches the annotations but sometimes crashes as well.

It appears that Fetch Annotations is not governed by whether a book has been highlighted or not.

Is there any debugging information that I can collect that would be useful here?

Thanks for Calibre and any help you can give me with this. I would dearly love to be able to pull over all my annotations regularly as a backup.

Melinda Varian
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