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Thumbs up Amazing application...

Since series information was recently discussed by GRiker, I had a quick question. I know that iTunes/iBooks does not have any way currently to display or use this type of information. Which is unfortunate, because this information is highly useful in filtering out your books, and determining what order they occur in.

It would be most helpful in iBooks if they could at least sort properly. In addition to the changes GRiker had just mentioned, if the series and series number could be populated to the sort name, and sort artist fields, etc...they could at least be displayed in the correct order.

I fully recognize the fact that you are probably already aware of this, but thought i would mention it just in case...cause it would make my life a LOT easier, lol.

No matter what, this is an amazing application, and in reading these guys are mega helpful. - Thanks for all your hard work.

Here is the link to where i found the information.

PS: any chance of a Calibre app for the Apple store (and android marketplace?) I would buy them in a hearbeat...
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