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How do you hold iPad when reading?

I was wondering how people tend to hold the iPad when reading? I have a few standard grip/positions I tend to use and was curious if that was common.

I like to read in my recliner fully reclined so I am practically horizontal. The first thing I do is rotate the ipad till the dock port is on top, then lock the rotation. I lock the rotation because sometimes I read with it crooked and having it constantly switching to 2-page mode gets annoying. I usually start out with the bottom of it on my chest and using my left hand to hold the top with a grip that lets me change pages with my left thumb. Sometimes I switch the grip to my right hand and use my right thumb to change pages.

I also use a grip where I hold the ipad in my left hand. I will balance the bottom left corner in the center of my palm, support the back with three fingers and make kind of a cradle/stand out of my pinky finger along the bottom and my thumb along the side. That one gets tiring after a bit and I tend to grab it with both hands for a while and kinda hold it over my head, like I was reading it on the ceiling.

That last position has proven dangerous though, I have dropped the iPad onto my face a couple of times and just barely avoided serious injury. It cracked me pretty good and I realized that if it had landed edge first, it probably had enough force to break my nose. lol. I have dropped my kindle v1 on my face numerous times and mostly just get startled and laugh, with the iPad I actually get a bit nervous about it.

I use pretty much the same grips on the kindle as I do on the ipad, except I never use 2 hands on the kindle as it is light enough. The ipad is just hefty enough that for long reading sessions it can become annoying. I was wondering if anyone has any cool grips or tricks they use.
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