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Unhappy How to flash Aluratek Libre to Chinese firmware

I just bought a Aluratek Libre from Fry's and realize that it doesn't support Chinese txt files.

Libre firmware information:
Software v0.16h
Patch: v16

Basically Libre is the same hardware as Jetbook (even my XP recognize it as Jetbook) but with different firmware. The hardware is coming from a Chinese firm

I have tried almost every M218A and M218B firmware I can find from this site and from a download link someone post here. None of them worked. If using M218A, it will complain and asks to use M218B, but none of M218B firmware worked.

I saw this post in the forum

It sounds like some people from this forum has successfully flash their Jetbook or Libre to chinese firmware, however the problem is that guys in this thread talk in a way in which they assume everybody else is as technically proficient as they are but no detailed steps were given. It leave people lost in what they need to do.

Can someone please help me to flash my Libre to any Chinese firmware so that I can read Chinese txt files? I am suspecting that the failure is due to some kind of protection from Aluratek to prevent your flashing to other brand firmware. Some people here mentioned something like creating certain empty file or edit the firmware code (how?) Can someone write a more detailed how to post? Many thanks in advance.

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