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Device: Pocketbook 302 F15.1
Update Firmware not working on pocketbook 302

Im am trying to update the firmware of my pocketbook 302 from 15.1 (shiped) to the new one.

I folow these steps..

1. Copy the upgrade image (file named SWUPDATE.BIN) to the root of your memory card.
---Does the card need to be empty?
2. Insert the card into the cardreader of your device.
3. Connect your PocketBook 302 to power supply (to power outlet with the help of the wall charger or a computer with the help of USB-cable). The device has to be connected to power supply during the whole process of the upgrade.
4. Turn the device off.
5. Holding the central button “OK”and simultaneously, holding the Upper Page button, press the “On/Off” button as if you were turing the device on. IMPORTANT: both “OK” and Upper Page buttons must be released ONLY after the message «Firmware update» appears on the top of the display (after the logo appears and dissapears! - don't release buttons after the logo appears - wait untill it goes away and you see «Firmware update» words!)
----this is the part that is not working I am only getting in de the safe modus, it turns to german an tells me Das Gerat lauft im sicherheits modus...

Not getting to this steps..
6. The programm will check the upgrade file image. In case it is succesfull, the display will show «Press center key to start update».
7. Press the center “OK” key. The upgade process takes about 2 minutes. After it is finished, the display will show the following message «Upgrade OK. Now please reset the device».
8. You don’t have to manually reset your Pocketbook 302, as it resets automatically.
9. Turn the device on. Make sure that the latest firmware on your PocketBook 302 is installed. To check this, please go to Settings - Information about device - Firmware Version.

Am I doing something wrong?
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