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Converting PDF - FB2 issue (0.72)

I have been trying to convert PDF files to FB2. It generally works ok, but the conversion process is adding in text at each page boundary.

ie after every source page it is adding text like this.....

....text..... 2 / 159
Charlaine Harris, A Fool And His Honey (1999)
Aurora Teagarden #6

(where ...text... is normal novel text).

I am presuming this is the header/footer text from the PDF. I got the java program BRISS to crop all the pages - removing the headers and footers from the PDF files.

BRISS seems to work just fine. I can look at the generated PDF file and no headers or footers. Basically just text - so it should convert over nicely.

But when I import the new cropped PDF file, I still get the headers and footers inserted!

There are no real options in Calibre when importing from PDF.

Any suggestions?

I have read somewhere that BRISS simply 'hides' the headers and footers - if this is so, perhaps Calibre is not respecting this 'hidden' feature?
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