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Originally Posted by rfog View Post
I've using a Nook about a couple of weeks and I've found some flaws in 1.3 firmware.

Most important one is if metadata has accented vocals or foreign signs (like Spanish ñ) the texts are showed corrupted in Library. This happens even in purchased books like "Cuentos the Vacaciones" by Ramón y Cajal. It was working well in 1.0 version, then this seems a regression bug.

Another not less important is viewer does not support bold text. For example, in "The God Delusion" by Dawkins, the introduction is a mix on bold, italics and cites and PC B&N reader shows ok, b ut Nook (and iPad) does not show bold text.

The third flaw is battery duration: About two days with full reading.

Of course there are more problems but less important, like poor font size graduation between sizes, slow response in some circumstances, very slow and non ergonomic in some tasks like dictionary search and annotation (compared with Kindle), and the personal library is practically unusable when you have a lot of books (you cannot search for books, for example).

I know I can softroot it and install some extensions but those extensions does not solve the main problems...

Can I read spanish books in the nook? Any problems with specific spanish characters like the ñ?
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