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Originally Posted by afa View Post
That's the problem with Apple fans. Even now, far too many people hold the attitude that Microsoft is evil, but Apple is your friend. Sorry, but that's bull. Apple is every bit as 'evil' and monopolising as Microsoft ever was. The difference is purely in the fact that Microsoft came under heavy scrutiny (particularly in the EU) because having 90% market share in OS means they had a giant target on their backs.

In the last few years, in particular, I actually feel like Microsoft is the lesser of two evils. Although, I suppose I should give Steve Jobs credit for having the guts to screw us right to our faces, rather than behind the back. So, um, kudos for that. By the way, in the awesome irony that is life, I'm currently writing this on my gorgeous 20" iMac...
Indeed, Microsoft and Apple are two faces of the same evil but at least Microsoft is bumbling and incompetent which is slightly endearing. Apple, on the other hand, is charming, capable and friendly but I always find myself wondering what they're really thinking under all that and why I feel like deep down inside they loath me just as much as I them.

As others have said, its not the hardware which is a problem, my macbook pro is a wonderful platform for linux. But their attitude to customers, technology, software design, employees, just about anything important really, is evil genius style stuff.
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