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Touch - Deleting Collections Fm Reader

I recently updated Sony software, and like many others, had problems with not being able to access Sony Library. Thanks to several posts on this forum, I fixed this and was able to reinstall the PC Library software. No problem so far. BUT now I have two synch'ed Collections on my reader which are no longer in my PC's Library since it's a new program. PC Library doesn't recognize these Collections, so I can't 'synch' them back up to my PC Library. I also can't delete these Collections on my Reader, and reload all the books, because I get the message "can only delete on the PC created...." They were created on this same PC, but apparently because I had to reload the Library program, the software doesn't know this. HOW CAN I DELETE these Collections from my Reader so I can reload via the PC Library OR how can I 'sync" them back up to the PC Library??? HELP HELP HELP!!!
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