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I loved the first thread too - my first Commodore 64 was delivered in a bright shinny box when I was eight years old. I remember trying to wrestle my brother for a turn at the keyboard. It was our only real fight as kids - and it was about technology.

I will still fight for my toys. My myriad of eBook readers are MINE. I don't share , even now. I too feel like I sort of belong to a special club because I know something that most people don't know. But, while I won't share my devices... I love to share my enthusiasm.

It makes me gleeful when I convert an Ink on Dead Trees reader... and not only if they shop at my eBookstore. I'll be happy to see the eBook industry go mass market... and not only if they shop at my eBookstore. It'll just be cool to say, "I helped start something. I cut myself on the bleeding edge of technology and it was for a worthy cause."

I'm just glad that I wasn't a die-hard geek in the days of the whole BETA-VHS controversy... I would've been so depressed.
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