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Smile Some How-to-questions, change screen saver, add www links, finding note backgrounds

I got my Bebook Neo and am very happy!

I thoroughly browsed the forums but have not found the answers to the 5 following questions:

1. How to change the screen savers (600x800)?
2. How to add internet links (do wap sites work better?)
3. How do I know if the mobi book I download/buy is DRMed or not?
4. Where to find other backgrounds for the notes (600x800)?
5. Where do I find the file that I need to delete so that the actual book appears as unread although I have already browsed it, and even read a few pages (just deleting the name in the "recent documents" folder doesn't effect the actual book in any way)?

I successfully updated the firmware, used a small SD card (256 MB), flashed it from there, but use another SD card for my books. Seems to work well. There is no reason to have the updated version on the SD card that contains my library, right?

And a success:
At some point I was not quite sure if the actual book would be deleted if I deleted it from the "recent document" folder. But it does not, it only deletes it from that folder which is only like a short cut, a history of what you have been reading, not the actual book.

P.S.: For my kindle I use the Patagonia cover ("Patagonia Kindle Case" 39 US$), a lightweight, water- and dust resistant cover with 2 zippers that has 2 carrying handles on the outside. Inside it has a smaller pouch which accommodates my Neo perfectly. It is quite tight to close that's why I leave the zipper open at the top. But it works very well until I find something better.

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