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Instructions for the "epub fixer" would be useful too. After much playing, I found that converting everything straight to epub in Calibre, then from the "epub fixer" find the files under Documents and settings/Me/Calibre Library (or Users/Me/Calibre Library), both of which are not where you'd expect them to be, and clicking only on "Options" and ticking "Remove fixed font sizes" but none of the others, fixes them completely. Then, again in Calibre, I select all the files and use the intuitive "right-click - send to device - send specific format - main memory - epub" option it all works beautifully.

And the bit about removing apostrophes from everywhere in the meta information to avoid the spurious "locked" messages too...

I never found any of the font size options either produced font sizes that they said they would, or indeed produced similar results with different files.

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