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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
The version number we use refers to the version of your conversion, not the version that's on PG. So you post it the first time and it's 1.0. You make a very minor correction and it's version 1.1. You make a major correction, it could be version 1.5.

Now that said, I've found what (I feel) should be fixed. You have left in double-dashes -- and not converted them to the proper emdash . This makes it a hard read at least for me.

Would you like me to fix the version number in the title as well as the date after you've fixed the emdashes? Given the emdashes is a big fix, I'd go with 1.5 given the emdahses and the first correction.
I'm uploading a new version that fixes the em dash problem, and I'd be happy to call that 1.5. Please do fix the version number in the title for me, as it appears I can't. Thanks.

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