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Red face Editing Metadata on the way to the iPad

First I'd like to compliment the fantastic work done both on Calibre, and specifically making it work with the iPad!

At this point my biggest annoyance with the Calibre/iPad/iBooks combination is my inability to see the series data on my iPad (I do like to read my books in order )

Working in the constraints of iBooks, I'd love to be able to add the Series & number information to the beginning of the title (SeriesName: SeriesNumber - Title)

This would solve two problems: it would make it easy to see which order the books go in, and it would keeps the books in a series together when grouping by category/author

I know I could do this manually in Calibre, but I would like to keep my metadata clean, and was hoping there was a way to modify the metadata as I was sending books to my ipad (so it would appear this way on the iPad, by not in calibre)

I gather I can customize most things if I'm willing to dig into the code, but I'm pretty new to this program, and don't really know where to start (and I really don't want to break what is currently working!), I was hoping for some suggestions.

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