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Using Amazon metadata to prioritize reading order. [idea]

Hello, this type of app probably doesn't exist.. and I'm not a programmer, but I'd like to describe it anyway to see what you guys think.

Right now I have a colossal ebook collection.. so much to the point now that I don't have a clue what's what aside from file names (consisting of title / author), and the subjects they're in (organized folders).

Ultimately, I just want some metadata on whats good and bad, and a brief summary of the book. That is, Amazon's wealth of reviews and book summaries. In particular, what I'm looking for, is an app that will fetch Amazon reviews/summary metadata, and is capable of using this data to generate "reports" (in .html, .doc formats) in certain ways...

The following are a few examples of reports which come to mind as useful for sorting through a colossal amount of books:

1.) Export a list of books according to subject, each book title with a brief summary beneath.
2.) Export all metadata of a given book from different sources (summaries, reviews, etc.)
3.) Export a list of books according to review rating / number of reviews, perhaps even narrowed down according to subject/author.
4.) Etc.

Just wanted to throw the idea out there, even though its a likely pipedream. IMO, this would be more useful than how current ebook managers organize things, at least when it comes to figuring out future books to be read.

(Actually I don't even want an ebook manager as they exist, organizing by folder is perfectly fine for me.. I just wish there were an easier way of generating reports for deciding what my "ideal reading order" should be.) (Also, having the reports saved in common file formats would eliminate the need to rely on always having yet another application open, which would be a big plus as well.)
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