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Up until the current version of Calibre, I've always sent my books directly to Kindle (both mine and my wife's) main memory.

However, now that version 2.5 of Kindle 2 allows you create folders/collections, I have sorted over 300 books into 15 or so folders that I feel work well in terms of defining the various categories of my books to be read. (I remove my books from Kindle after reading but leave them on Calibre.)

From what Kovid said yesterday, it sounds like the latest version of Calibre will make changes to the Kindle whether I want it to or not. (All I want is the option to be able to continue sending a book or two to main memory without it changing or deleting the folders/collections I have spent a few hours building. Once the book is on the Kindle, it's just a matter of me telling it what collection I want the book in. That only takes a second or two.)

If I knew that the folders/collections that I have created on the Kindle will remain intact, I'd be thrilled.

But, since I'm afraid it's going to make changes to the structure I've painstakingly created, I'm afraid (now) to allow Calibre 0.7.1 to connect directly to the Kindle until I know the consequences more clearly.

Does this make sense? (Otherwise, I am loving the new version of Calibre and using the new features to manage my library on my computer to good effect.)

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