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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
Calibre is a great tool for managing ebooks, but you have to use it correctly. If you are using Windows explorer to drag files from Calibre's private directory structure to your ereader, it's like using a hammer by holding the head, striking the nail with the handle and complaining that the tool isn't much of a help in driving nails.

Please learn to use it correctly. Save to Disk or Send to Device, or even the Send to Folder Device will do what you want, and it will actually help you, not hinder you, the way trying to directly access Calibre's private folder structure does.
I agree with you, and Calibre is my "go-to" program for most every need with my ebooks.

However, not to disagree with you, but I do believe there are valid reasons when (with its present options) it's not always the ideal solution, such as the issue I raised in this thread yesterday:

That doesn't at all reduce my love for the program but it does force me to work around what the program will do without my having any input.

I'm always happy to learn of other solutions.
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