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Question PB302: unwanted folders in the library (and themes for 302)

Hi all,
I have a 302 with firmware 15.2.
I wanted to organize my books into folders. Diligently following the instruction manual of the 302, I created some folder on the device, at the root, and put some books there.
The folder appeared in the library, but the folders "news", "Photo" and "screens" also showed up there. Not the system and other folders, just these 3 extra folders.
I don't want them there! They were hidden before, why do they show up now?

I tried the following:
  • Settings>Maintenance>Clean State. That didn't help
  • Settings>Maintenance>Format Internal Memory. The folders were removed IIRC, and reappeared when I ran the corresponding application (same as next point).
  • Plug to the computer, delete these folders. That worked, of course, until I ran the News reader that re-created the folder, which showed up again, and took a screenshot (the screens folder showed up again in the books list)
  • Install themes as per the corresponding sticky thread, as some of these themes require the user to put books in "Books" folder. This didn't work well because none of these themes was created for 302, and the News application does not work with them. I use the News application.

Is there a solution to my issue? Is there any clean-looking 302 theme which uses a "Books" folder?
I'm willing to create a theme if it can help, but is there a program for that.
But I think this issue is weird. The library should ignore the news and screens and Photos folders, no?

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