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Originally Posted by Jelbee View Post
I think it's just the fact that there shouldn't BE this issue.
The average purchaser of the Kobo isn't likely to search a forum, read through the instructions, crack open their epubs, find the stylesheet and edit it to make their books work... they'll just bitch that the Kobo sucks and doesn't work, and return it for a more expensive ereader.
So while people who are computer savvy, or just DETERMINED to make their books work, it isn't a big deal, really... it's still just an inconvenience that we shouldn't have to find run-arounds for.
We shouldn't but both Kobo and epub are new technologies. Early adopters are going to have issues. It's the nature of the technological beast. If you don't like it, don't get invovled.

As for the pdf "issues", pdfs are formatted in a fixed style. Just becuase Kobo uses adobe technology doesn't mean pdfs are going to magically be flexiable. By definition pdfs are often used to keep their content from being copied or changed.

As ereaders become popular those who are now realeasing in pdf only will star releasing in epub as well.
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