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Free online PDF converter provides the ability to convert PDFs to various formats eg. doc, rtf, html. You simply upload your file and when the conversion is done (a few seconds later), a download location link is emailed to you for your converted file.

I tested this on a PDF and the converted doc looked very good. Before I convert the doc via book designer though, I need to reformat as follows:
  • Remove all the text frames
  • Remove all the carriage returns at the end of each line
  • Convert all lines that are indented more than other lines to paragraph marks.
  • Justify all the paragraphs that are left justified by default.

Is there a tool that I can use for this purpose? I tried a word macro I found in this forum but all the text ran into a long stream i.e. all the paragraph separators got lost.

I will experiment with writing my own macros (will need to learn some VB). This might be a quick and cheap solution to reading PDF's on the Sony Reader with proper resizable text.
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