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"read metadata only from filename" was unchecked both times I did the add books.

Amazon is adding stuff to title metadata inside their ebooks to support collections. They use the added metadata (ASIN#) to link books to the collections they belong in so that when books move from kindle-to-archive-back-to-another-kindle it can put them back in the correct collections.

My understanding is that when collections are saved on the archive (and perhaps as implemented on the kindle as well), the ASIN#s of the members are what are preserved -- so that when a new book is presented to the add-to-collection mechanism, if the ASINs match, it is added otherwise not.

Stated more clearly (I hope): a collection is a list of ASIN#s. This, of course, begs the question as to how the non-amazon material is handled vis a vis collections membership.

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