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Question Issue with Calibre 0.7.1 & Kindle 2.5.2

I'm running 0.7.1 so it might be something there, but I don't think so.

Two weeks ago on 6.55 (and kindle 2.3.4)I cleared my calibre db to zero, attached my kindle and told calibre to add all the books in the kindle's documents folder (I download my books to kindle and then push them to Calibre). Then (about 2 weeks later) I upgraded Calibre to 0.7.1 and I got the 2.5.2 kindle update -- as I'm putting my books into collections (on the kindle) I notice I have 10 more books on my kindle than in Calibre -- so I attach my kindle and ask Calibre to add all the books from the kindle's documents folder (I no longer knew what those 10 new books were).

In the past Calibre would do this, flag the duplicates and ask me whether I wanted to add the dupes, I would say "no" and all would be fine. This time it asked about the dupes, and I dutifully answered "no", but this time virtually all the kindle books were added again. Upon looking at the duplicates in the calibre db, I could see that all the titles coming from the kindle (now on 2.5.2) had had the ASIN# added to their titles -- so calibre didn't see them as duplicates. This addition of ASIN# makes the titles less cosmetically pleasing, but I think you have to leave them be as I think they have something to do with collection synchronization with the Amazon archive on the kindle side.

Removing the ASIN # might break the collection behavior on the Amazon/kindle side.

I hope someone with more familiarity with 2.5 can explain what is going on in some detail.

I realize that people on the Calibre side of things may not have access to the 2.5.2 update yet -- so I pass this along as just something to be aware of.

I think I will hold off on aggressive adoption of 0.7.1 until you can look at the kindle 2.5.2 update in detail and figure out how Calibre will accommodate it.

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