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Originally Posted by mtravellerh View Post
Quite possible. We'll have to check that!

NB: It is quite normal that the PBs do not react instantly when not used for a while, even if you have been reading. You might have to reawake your device by touching the screen or turning a page if it doesn't rotate instantly. Cris' problem seems a little more involved.
I just received my Pocketbook 302 today and have noticed a similar issue. The rotating only occurs when the light is on.

Can you provide a link to where I can download the latest firmware? Maybe it's fixed in that... I'm on D.302.15.1.

A couple other issues:

1) The glare on the screen is worse than I expected. I thought I read that these now shipped with a matte film that can be put over the screen to reduce glare, but I didn't get one. I ordered from

2) The eject mechanism for the micro SD doesn't work. When inserting, I can feel a spring resistance up until fully inserted, and the card is detected and works, but it won't eject. I need to use tweasers to pull it out. Am I doing something wrong in inserting it, or is this just faulty and in need of return?
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