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I was sort of kidding. Well, not really I guess because that's how I bet this thing works out after all, lol.

But I bet your order says June 20 like mine. That would be fine if it actually works on that schedule, you'd have plenty of days to mail your rebate before July 15. I think you mixed months up in your desire to believe my theory, heheheh. I had to stare at the printout several times to make sure it said July 15, 2010 and that it really wasn't 2011.

Actually, with all this uproar, I bet the June 20 doesn't fly, and it is delayed so long the July 15 date is missed.

I'm putting my tin foil hat back on now and waiting patiently to get hosed on this pricing...through blatant lies or honest delays....or both

Originally Posted by bookwurm70 View Post
Now this makes sense, because I ordered it online during the night last night and it will not arrive to me until the 20th, they say. So, no rebate for me. But that's okay, I'm paying $130 with tax and free shipping, so I'm happy.
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