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DR800/DR1000 Website archive browser (website in .ZIP file)

As you all probably know, the DR800, and the DR1000 with 2.0 firmware, have a fairly decent HTML browser based on WebKit. Unfortunately, storing whole websites on the reader is not really feasible, since they usually contain a large number of files, making the indexing phase of the boot process much slower.

As an alternative, I have built a modified browser, based on the irex one, that allows you to browse within a .ZIP file. The idea is that you first download the site (with wget or your favourite downloading tool), make a ZIP archive with the contents and copy that file to the reader.

When you open the ZIP file from the file browser, it will open the modified browser, which looks for a /index.htm or /index.html in the ZIP file. If such a file is found, it is shown like a regular website. Images, css files and all other pages are also loaded from the same ZIP file.

I currently have this working on the DR800 emulator, but I want to wait for the 2.0 sources to be released, to release the final version (if they don't release the sources soon, I'm a bit worried about the chapter 11 situation, I'll probably do a release based on the old sources).

I now have a few questions for you guys:
- Do you think this is useful?
- What extension would you want to be associated with the modified browser? using .ZIP means of course that all .ZIP files will be opened by this program
- Any other feature requests or suggestions?
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