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Well, first off, dwanthny, let me start by apologizing. My frustration got a hold of me and i figured that bold and red would grab attention and help- instead of the exact opposite. wont happen again.
I have goodreader, it is a great app and all my pdfs are loaded into it already and readable. I personally feel that is the best pdf reader i have purchased so far- wish it was the first. lol.
I see what you are saying, makes sense that it is an image because when i try to highlight certain sections in iBook, it will select the whole page. I don't know why that didnt occur to me- sometimes the most simple explanations are the easiest. So thank you for the info.
Now, I know that this is again kind of stupid, but the reason i wanted them in iBook and not goodreader was because I love the iBook format, i like how you can flip through pages, highlight and bookmark, etc.
I do not have the original file of the pdf that was scanned by my professor, so all I have to work with is this pdf file at the moment. Is there a way that I can alter the pdf to recognize it as text and not images? A program already on the mac, or one that I can purchase? This way I can recreate the pdf as words instead of images, and then continue to use calibre as the second step.
Thank you again for the help so far
Sincerely, Rob
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