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Well, I'm pretty patient and will reserve judgment until after updates are received from the manufacturer. My iPad is too heavy for my mother but she is interested in either the Nook or the Novel. She has handled the Nook and likes it. So now waiting on the Novel to arrive. I ordered it online for $199 minus 20% off (stupid CA sales tax ate up $14 of that) and 99 cents shipping for a total of $175 at Kohls. I looked again yesterday and it went up to $259.

I've handled several readers, favoring the Sony PR 700, some Hanvon units, and the Nook but settling my iPad. Also a tech guy so I'll see how the Novel works with the updates and see if Mom will like it. Slow page turns don't bother her. She has commented on how much she likes a color screen vs grayscale e-ink.

I think the Novel has a lot of promise and potential. All new gadgets have bugs and quirks but they do get worked out. The iPad was no exception. Now I love it immensely. And I'm a PC guru.
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