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Thumbs up Short Video Tutorial on Any Font/Size for JBL

I went ahead and posted a 5 minute video on how you can get your eBooks setup to look the way you want so that they are perfectly viewable on the jetBook Lite. You can choose any font at any size.

The resulting pdf file is perfectly readable and requires no scrolling.

When using open office, you will see exactly what will appear on the jetBook screen with just a few simple tweaks.

Thanks to Ron46 from the forums here for cluing me into what could be done with open office.

Check it out:

Thanks to capidamonte for the following, highly useful information:

Note that a lot of PG texts have formatting such as *bold* and _underline_, etc.

If you briefly turn the text to HTML first, replace such tags with simple <b> and <u>, etc. tags then import to OpenOffice, you will also get nice formatting in addition to your normal font choices.

I believe that there are several Gutenberg to HTML scripts and utilities to do it for you. (GutenMark?)

Then you will have your chosen font, layouts and possibly TOC, etc.

PG also offers HTML, too, for many works.
Thank you for that! I had noticed those formatting marks and was wondering about an easy way to fix them.

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